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Do you want help to achieve your goals in life?

Are you looking for ways to support your child or teen?

Or is your family in the middle of a difficult transition?

Sarah uses an array of communication skills to provide counselling services that give you and your family the tools you need for success. In addition to 1-on-1 sessions, Sarah also provides family based counselling and virtual sessions via Skype or phone.

Children Embracing in Circle
Image by John-Mark Smith


Children are exposed to a number of stressors beyond their control. Whether it be the loss of a family
member, serious illness, motor vehicle accidents or divorce and separation. Depending on how these
events are handled and the temperament of the child, many of these can have a traumatic impact.
Trauma informed therapy can integrate a number of expressive art, play, talk and attachment based
approaches. This is effective in assisting children and youth regulate their emotions, process their
changing lives, and regulate behaviours. In doing so, we can support our young people in moving
through adversity and developing skills for their future.


The family therapy offered here is informed by the works of Virginia Satir and Attachment Theory.
Within this framework, your family is viewed as the source of strength and resilience from which we
pull. Sarah uses a number of approaches to support repair, attachment and develop new skills
around effective communication within the family unit. For families with younger children, she
will use family based play therapy techniques to ensure your child’s engagement in the process.

Sat on the Rocks
Meditation by the Sea


CBT is a psycho therapeutic approach that assists clients in understanding the role our thoughts and
feelings have on our behavior. In learning to identify where these destructive thought patterns come
from, clients can develop mastery in challenging them and making lasting, positive change. CBT is
recommended for the treatment of Anxiety, Panic, Depression, and a number of thought disorders.


DBT integrates Cognitive behavioral therapy and Mindfulness strategies. This skills based approach has
shown to assist clients in regulating their mood, minimizing high-risk behaviors, increasing problem-
solving skills and improving the quality of their relationships.

Pride Parade


Whether you are a parent looking for ideas on how best to support your child through this process, a youth struggling with your own identity, or a parent figuring out how to navigate your own journey, Sarah can help. She has extensive knowledge and expertise working with children, youth and families in the LGBTQ community.

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